Joclynn 80 Prot warrior

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Joclynn 80 Prot warrior

Postby Joclynn » Wed Jan 06, 2010 1:05 am

Name: Sheldon G. G.
Age: 21
Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

I havent read the rules for the guild, I cant find them :( but on the other hand I dont think there would ever be a problem as almost all good guilds follow the same type of rules regarding player conduct and such.

I have a relativley large experience base in MMORPGs and RPGs dating back to Diablo 1 and GW. As for WoW ive been playing for 4 years and accrued almost 128 days worth of time as I am writing this. Most noteably i have lead a guild into kara, main tanked for Resurrection pre-Lich and went from SSC starting to downing kael (3 months isnt fun) and ending just before downing illidan. I burnt out from 5 days a week so yeah. Ive done most things in Wraith and am mostly stuck on prot gear as I need raids to get better. I know my class rather well and am more then willing to get yelled at cause I screwed up, im hard to annoy or get angry. I love tanking and dont see that ending any time soon.

Character: Joclynn ... &n=Joclynn (if prot isnt the main then sorry, but i am prot for 90% of the time)
Professions: Herbing and Mining

Alt: Ranthise (70 ish) druid. Going to be tree at 80 with oomkin as OS

Content: MC up to rag, BWL first boss, AQ20/ZG cleared, Kara cleared, Gruul cleared, Mag cleared, SSC cleared, TK cleared (screw Kael), Hyjal up to arch, BT first 4 (2 weeks after i stopped playing Illidan died, I should have stayed lol), Naxx up to plague, OS cleared, EoE cleared, Ony cleared, VoA cleared minus new boss, Ulduar up to hodir, ToC cleared, ICC looking forward to.

Ive raided way to much :(
So I understand all about gear/skill requirments and am more then willing to sit bosses, raids until im better geared or understand the fight better. As well I make sure that I have all add-ons required. No mic atm.

Ive been in alot of guilds, and transfered off and back onto ursin so.... the only one that really matters is Res and I left cause I took a really long break and found that I no longer had friends there, and thats more important then gear and progression.
Cheesecake cause damn that stuff is good! unless your asking something metaphorical then I have no idea....
Id sweep whatever leg you ask me to :D
I have no idea how many licks it takes, maybe 48?
Im a pretty easy going person, but I like to be hardcore at times, or more importantly when dealing with content or other peoples time. I hate wasting time when it comes to WoW, but im really easy to appease lol. By hardcore I mean im hardcore for myself, ill work day and night to get something and usually flask/food for something like a heroic where I dont get hit. Any questions about me id be happy to answer, cept im a guy, so dont ask for my number
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