WoW Server: Ursin
Faction: Alliance

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We have been on Ursin from the first week the server opened way back in 2005 and have been steadily going strong ever since. We are a guild full of fun loving characters with a goal of being a great raiding guild, as we are not a leveling guild in WoW at least. We are also an alt friendly guild as most of our members have multiple alts in the guild. Most of our guildies are very helpful in one way or another, whether it be knowledge of WoW topics or trying to run certain heroics or raids, etc. We also PVP on occasion and have done guild raids on horde controlled towns as well as a few search and destroy raids. We have a lot of endgame experience and are expanding on our knowledge. We have a tabard(a sexy one at that), multiple guild bank tabs, private vent server, and on average have a nice amount of people on a night.

We are looking for people who want to experience endgame content with a competent guild and don't mind pitching in and helping fellow guildies out. If you would like to find out what classes we are currently looking for please check out our forums, at the moment we are currently looking for people who know their class as opposed to any one specific role.

As a guild we have cleared a lot of the end game content available and are always looking to have a good time in whatever instances are thrown at us. We are interested in laid back people who have a kick ass personality, people who are helpful and know how to joke around and don't get all serious and mad over someone accidentally face pulling a boss in a raid (which can be pretty funny!). And probably one of the most important aspects we look for in a candidate.... is someone who is open to learning, nobody knows everything, and if you don't understand a certain boss fight etc. then that's totally cool we will explain it :)

If anybody is interested in applying for the guild, please go to the Recruitment section of the Forum. Fill in the Application Template then (Copy + Paste) the whole template as a Topic in the forums (you must be registered as either a guest or with your toon name). We will then look over your application and have you get a hold of one of the officer's in game. If you have any questions at all... don't hesitate to ask on the application :) Thank you for reading about the Avenger's of Azeroth!!!