AoA Does Kara x3

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AoA Does Kara x3

Postby Alanii » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:23 am

Last Wednesday AoA had a very successful night in Kara. Not just because we went in and cleared all the main bosses, but because it was done in two separate groups at the same time! Two groups comprised of only AoA members!!! This is the beginning of a regular occurance here in AoA and marks our continued progress towards end-game material. This week we will have an all AoA Gruul raid and in the near future we will begin venturing in to (and defeating) SSC/TK.

Not part of AoA yet? Submit your application in the App section of the forum!

Dont forget the third guild Kara group run on sunday that also downed prince and got phat loots! Way to go everyone

- Jedem
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