WoW Server: Ursin
Faction: Alliance

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How to Join the Avengers of Azeroth Guild


The only way to join the guild is through posting an application in the forums. The link to the forums is on the navigation bar on the left of the page. Before applying, we ask that you read our requirements for joining:
  1. Be 18 years of age or older
  2. Be Level 85+ for WoW
  3. Have ventrilo. Dont necessarily need a working mic as long as you can hear what is being said on vent.
  4. Have Deadly Boss Mods, Decursive/Healbot/Grid(for those classes capable of decursing/dispelling/healing) and Omen Threat meter for WoW Raiding
  5. A sense of humor and being open to learning
  6. Be willing to meet our posted raid minimum stats before being able to raid
  7. Be laid back and not get mad over a wipe
  8. Be available for Raids
  9. Help lower level guildmates out when possible
  10. Be able to follow orders in a raid
  11. Don't expect to just sit there and have other guildies carry you through raids/heroics. We have raid minimums for a reason.

We are looking for members that will help the guild grow.

If anybody is interested in applying for the guild, please go to the Recruitment section of the Forums. Fill in the Application Template then (Copy + Paste) the whole template as a Topic in the forums (you must be registered as either a guest or with your toon name). We will then look over your application and have you get a hold of one of the officer's in game. If you have any questions at all... don't hesitate to ask on the application :) Thank you for reading about the Avenger's of Azeroth!!!